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By | October 30, 2016


Welcome to our website! Almost ago us here was not! but we come with the latest information on new Justice – Woman Album Download and more precisely the album.We hope you like our website and with pleasure at her going to enter more than once! Today we present you the Justice – Woman Album Download which is awaited by a lot of people. The album is called Justice – Woman. We invite you to read this article and download the Justice – Woman Album Free.

The French duo that presents the album Justice – Woman announced the premiere of his album. The premiere of this album is scheduled for November 18 around the world. Until then, the band passively here concerts which comes a huge amount of fans. Justice – Woman Album Download also unveiled trakliste. It consists of 10 tracks.

Justice – Woman Album Tracklist:

1. Safe And Sound
2. Pleasure
3. Alakazam!
4. Fire
5. Stop
6. Chorus
7. Randy
8. Heavy Metal
9. Love S.O.S
10. Close Call

Real Proof od Album: 


Justice exist on the market since 2003. Since then they took up a great number of fans who come to their concerts. Most information can you find on Facebook or Wikipedia about Justice – Woman Album. This is a duo of two talented creators of electronic dance music. For each taste! we invite you to download and listen to the wonderful music in Justice – Woman Album Free!

Justice – Woman Album Download:



Size: 107.12mb | Quality: 320 kbps | Download Count: 1157 |  Original Release + Bonus Song!

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